Borrower Eligibility

To qualify for Farm Credit financing, a person or legal entity (or the loan request) must satisfy borrower eligibility in one of the following ways.

1.       Eligibility as a Farmer

  • Own agricultural land, or are engaged in the production of agricultural products.
  • Are a full-time farm producer (more than 50% of your income or assets are farm related).
  • Are a part-time producer (generate ag income, but rely on off-farm employment or other sources of income).
  • Generate, or intend to generate, annual gross farm income (on a sustained basis) of at least $500 annually.

2.       Eligibility as an Agribusiness

  • Own or operate an agribusiness that produces, processes and/or markets agricultural products. Farm Credit agribusiness customers range from large-scale multi-national, corporate enterprises, to large-scale family or individual agribusinesses involved in every facet of the food and fiber chain. These include poultry, beef, dairy, catfish, timber, timber milling/processing & marketing, grains and specialty crops, wine and more. The agribusiness should have some portion of its owners' assets in production or generate some "through put" that is processed, manufactured or marketed.
  • Own or operate a farm-related business that derives 50% or more of its income by furnishing farm-related services to farmers and ranchers that are directly related to their agricultural production. Examples include large-animal veterinarian, feed or fertilizer delivery.

3.       Eligibility for Home Financing

  • Full or part-time farmers are eligible for all Farm Credit home financing programs.
  • Rural residents who are not farmers or do not own agricultural assets are eligible for Farm Credit home financing programs to buy land or a home site, to build, buy or refinance a home provided the site, or home, is in a rural area or within a city or town with a population of 2,500, or less.



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