Farms & Land

All our real estate loans are designed with YOUR needs in mind.

  • Terms to fit your farming operation
  • Payments to fits your cash flow (monthly, quarterly, semi-annual and annual payment options)
  • Variable, adjustable or long-term fixed interest rates options depending on your need and risk
  • All our loans feature flexible interest rate conversion options without having to re-write your loan.
  • Funds Held program option for making advance payments for up to two years and while earning interest on those funds at the same rate as your loan.
  • We also offer a first-time real estate buyer or ownership credit to qualifying borrowers.

The regulatory lending limit as established by the Farm Credit Act is that no real estate loan wil exceed a loan-to-value of ≥ 85% of the appraised value for the collateral offered in connection with the loan.

Loans of greater than 85% will only be considered with the condition of approval involving a USDA Farm Service Agency guaranteed lending program or Small Business Admistration

Poultry Farms

We're one of the leading lenders to the poultry industry in Arkansas.  In fact, with poultry lending accounting for 44% of our total loan portfolio, we may be the largest. 

Whether you're purchasing an existing poultry operation, constructing new houses, or retrofitting older poultry units, we have the loan, interest rate and terms to fit your needs.    

  • The term of the loan will be based on the age and conditions of the poultry unit.
  • New Poultry Facilities -Term of Loan or Amortization up to 15-years.
  • Older Poultry Facilities - terms determined by appraisal value, quality and condition of the poultry farm.
  • Loan -to-Value -up to 80%, higher LTV with guaranteed lending programs subject to approval and credit factors.
  • Loan repayment will typically be established with a percentage poultry assignment direct from the integrator to Farm Credit to cover annual debt obligation. Poultry assignment payments are usually placed into Fund Held Program which allows the borrower to make up to two years advance payments.
  • Additional real estate collateral maybe offered by borrower or required by Farm Credit as a condition for terms, repayment capacity, capital position.
  • We also offer great refinancing options for existing poultry producers!

Cattle Farms   

Whether you are a cow-calf producer, have a feeder cattle operation or even place cattle on feed.  Approximately 25% of our loans are dedicated to beef producers.

Loans for land or cattle farms will be tailored to your production cycle.

Our real estate loans are designed with YOUR needs in mind.

  • The term of the loan or amortization usually up to 20 years.
  • Loan to Value - Up to 70% for full time producers; 80% for part-time farmers with payments from off farm income.
  • Loan payments options are principally established around your production or when you market your cattle.
  • Capital or your equity is another key credit factor with desire for cattle producers have equity at 50% or greater.

Timberland or Forestry Loans 

Timberland plays a significant role in the Western Arkansas economy with the   production of both pine and hardwood timber.   Timberland financing is one of the   fastest growing segments of our portfolio and now ranks 3rd in volume of loan behind poultry and cattle.

Whether you needs are a loan to purchase existing timberland, refinance existing loans or timber or establish a new plantation, Farm Credit works closely with timber producers in setting up long-term loans that will match the age, or stage of your growing timber, and your cutting plans.

Timber loan terms typically include:

  • Loan to Value up to 65%, maybe higher depending on borrower(s) capital position, quality and volume of timber to be harvested or offered as collateral.
  • Capital or your equity is a key credit factor with desire for producers have equity at 50% or greater.
  • Loan terms will be tailored to match the growth or maturity or harvesting plans.
    • The term of the loan for establishing a new plantation could be 25-30 years.
    • The term of a loan for established stands of timber will be determined based on the age and potential harvesting schedule.
  • Loan repayment options generally feature flexibility for the borrower depending on the loan request and other credit factors.


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