SPECIAL loan programs

Fresh & Local Loan Program

Assisting smaller, non-traditional producers who produce protein, vegetables, or other agricultural products and sell directly to local consumers.


Small producers selling directly to consumers.  Protein, produce or products created directly from an agricultural product the producer raises or grows.  Business plans must include a through-put sold to consumers.  Examples include, but are in no means limited to:

  • honey from personal hives
  • soap from personal goats
  • jams/jellies from personal berries or orchard
  • produce from personal garden/farm


$25,000 maximum loan amount per borrower/ entity

Available for real estate purchases, improvements, specialty equipment, small tractors, plants, annual operating costs, small buildings, more.

Terms and business plan will dictate collateral and/or down payment required

Relaxed credit standards and flexible loan terms

All regular loan paymentand collection requirements apply

Participants enjoy all benefits of Farm Credit membership, including Patronage Cash.



Military Loan Program

Honoring current military service & prior service (with honorable discharge)

We respect the commitment made by military personnel and their families and honor their service with special loan rates and terms.

Our goal is to assist people with either current or prior military service from any branch of the U.S. Armed Forces with the purchase of farms of any size, land, homes in the country and other needs that Farm Credit typically finances.  Applicants must meet existing credit and repayment standards.


50 BPS interest rate discount on fixed-rate loans (discount off of qualifying tier)

Discount applies to first $200,000 of loan amount, for the life of the loan

No origination fees



Current military personnel - provide CAC (ID card)

Prior service - provide Dept of Defense form #214, member copy #4





Now financing STORM SHELTERS!

Another example of how Farm Credit is Enriching rural life.

Low-interest storm shelter financing is available to help families protect themselves from severe weather and tornadoes.  The devastating EF4 tornado in Mayflower and Vilonia in April of 2014 demonstrated, yet again, that western Arkansas has its share of severe weather.

We're saddened by the number of Arkansans who have lost their lives in tornadoes in recent years.  Farm Credit hopes these easy, low-interest storm shelter loans will enable more rural western Arkansans to protect their families from severe weather.

Quick and easy, low-interest storm shelter loans are available to *eligible borrowers.

for the purchase and installation of professionally manufactured storm shelters

  • up to $7,500 per storm shelter
  • 3, 5 and 7-year loap options
  • low, fixed rates
  • quick credit approval (in a matter of minutes, in most cases)

*Eligible borrowers reside on farms or in homes in the country in one of the 41 counties served by Farm Credit of Western Arkansas.

As a financial cooperative, we believe it's our job to be a good neighbor in the local communities we serve.  We hope these low-interest storm shelter loans will enable more rural western Arkansans to protect their familes from severe weather. 

GO TO "FIND A LOCATION" on our home page to locate your nearest Farm Credit branch office.



AgDirect EQUIPMENT financing


Farm Credit is now partnering with AgDirect because it’s in your best interest! Equipment financing with dealers is all AgDirect does, and they’re really good at it. Farm Credit System people who understand agriculture designed AgDirect, which may explain its success.

Their financing power gives you highly competitive interest rates. Plus, the application process is easy and credit decisions are quick. In most instances, you’ll get your decision within seconds while you’re still in the dealership.

With a growing network of more than 1,700 AgDirect dealers across 14 states, there’s one near you. We’re finding that dealers love working through AgDirect because it’s easier for them, too.

While AgDirect financing doesn’t qualify for our Patronage Program, it still benefits you as a Farm Credit of Western Arkansas member. Our association directly benefits from AgDirect financing, and our members, as owners, benefit from the association’s added financial strength and growth.

Financing equipment purchases

> $10,000 with AgDirect (directly through your local dealer) is easy.  Ask your dealer or local branch office for details!



Interested in financing equipment purchases that are <$10,000, or purchasing used equipment from an individual?  Call your Farm Credit branch office...we can still assist you with financing!


Young & Beginning Farmer Program

Young & Beginning farmers are the future of strong agriculture in western Arkansas.  We have special lending standards for qualifying Young & Beginning farmers because we're committed to helping young folks own and operate the farms of their dreams! 

YOUNG Farmer:     


ge 35, or younger  (at time of loan origination)

BEGINNING Farmer:  Never farmed, or farming less than 10 years (at time of loan origination)


Farm Credit's Young & Beginning Farmer Program means special lending considerations, including...

  • Differentiated lending standards (special considerations for capacity, loan-to-value, and collateral requirements)
  • Reduced interest rates
  • Cost-sharing of fees

Special lending considerations are made in exchange for Young & Beginning producers agreeing to participate in valuable farm and financial management educational programs, annual farm visits, or other recommendations. 




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