Operating Loans

As a tool, operating loans can assist you in managing cash flow and your farming operation more effectively.

It may be as simple as choosing a declining balance loan option with a maturity of 12 months, or less.

Depending on your needs, combined with the strength of your credit, Farm Credit also offers RLOC (Revolving Line of Credit) options.

With a Farm Credit RLOC you can pay down and borrow back funds simply and easily.  In some cases, an RLOC can be made with a three-year loan maturity date which means the loan doesn't have to be renewed annually.

Use an operating loan for:

  • Farm and family operating needs
  • Crop inputs
  • Purchase feeder cattle
  • ...and more!

Operating loans come with an easy "credit line" (paper) check option making it simple for you to access your  funds.  You simply write a check to draw on your line of credit.


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