What We Do

For almost 100 years, Farm Credit has been a source of dependable credit for agriculture and rural Arkansan's.   Farm Credit of Western Arkansas understands the needs of western Arkansas farmers, ranchers and rural home owners.

We have 32 locations across 41 counties to serve you efficiently.  Plus, most of our employees have agricultural backgrounds and many own farms themselves, so we're in tune with your needs and what's happening in your area. 

All Farm Credit loan requests are tailored to the specifics of your farming operation and/or financial goals.  Every loan request is evaluated on the basis of five key credit factors with terms tailored to fit your needs, goals, and financial best interest,  as well as the best interest of Farm Credit


Character - Borrower(s) Reputation, Loan History, Credit Bureau scores.

Capital - Borrower(s) financial position, before and after loan is made and borrower equity in the operation.

Capacity - Borrower(s) ability to repay annual operating expenses, plus annual debt obligations over the specified term of the loan with a 15% margin in income above obligations for any adversity.

Collateral - The quality and value of the security (livestock, equipment, real estate) pledged for the loan to offset the risk associated with the loan request.

Conditions - The terms or conditions for loan approval; or Farm Credit's expectations of the borrower's  performance during the term of the loan.


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