Youth Loans for FFA and 4H Livestock Projects

Are you an FFA or 4-H member?  If so, you may qualify for a Youth Loan up to $2,500 to finance your next 4-H or FFA livestock project. 

Print and complete our simple YOUTH LOAN APPLICATION (below) and take it to your local branch office.  Youth Loan applications should include...

  • Parent/ grandparent/ or legal guardian approval and willingness to serve as co-maker on the loan
  • 4-H or FFA leader approval
  • Basic plan for how you plan to use the funds, including your repayment plan

Parent/ grandparent/ or legal guardian must be credit worthy and agree to repay the loan themselves if the need should arise.

Youth Loans have a nominal interest rate that covers Farm Credit's cost of funding.  Farm Credit supports 4H and FFA members... Arkansas' future ag leaders. 

Farm Credit does NOT make a profit on Youth Loans.

Youth Loan application brochure OCT 2013 UPDATE.pdf



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