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If you would like to expedite the loan process, simply complete this application online and submit it upon completion. Your loan request will be received for processing, and you should be contacted via email(and/or phone) by the end of the next business day.

The following information may be requested later to support your loan application

  • Three years income/expense statements and/or Federal tax returns.
  • Legal entity documents, partnership agreements, Article of Incorporation, Bylaws, Corporate Resolutions, etc.
  • Legal description for proposed  real estate collateral.
  • Three years balance sheets.
  • Current production records.
  • Copies of all production and marketing contracts
  • Appraisal of proposed collateral, may be requested later.

Additional information for New/Expansion projects

  • Proposed business plan.
  • Construction agreements, bids and contracts.

Applicant Information

*First Name:
*Last Name:
Middle Initial:
*SSN (xxx-xx-xxx format):  
*Date of Birth:  
*Are you currently a Farm Credit customer or have you borrowed from Farm Credit in the past?
If yes above, what branch office?:

Co Applicant Information (if applicable)

First Name:
Last Name:
Middle Initial:
*Date of Birth:

Business Information (if applicable)

Business Name:
Type Of Business:
Tax ID:
Business Phone:  
Business Fax:  
*Business Email Address:

Tell us about your operation...

*Involvement in Agriculture:
*Primary Farm Enterprise:
(cattle, poultry, crops, timber etc.)
*Secondary Farm Income:
(cattle, poultry, crops, timber etc.)
*Years Involved in Agriculture:  
*Acres Owned:  
*Acres Rented:  
Please briefly describe your Farm / Ranch Operation or plans:

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