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Additional Services

In addition to loans, we offer services designed to help you manage both your business and your finances.

Life Insurance

Life insurance protects your loved ones in the event something happens to you. It may mean the difference between your family keeping the farm, or having to sell. We only work with top-tier insurance providers. Ask your local branch office for details. 

Appraisal Services

Local Farm Credit appraisers are available for outside use on a fee basis. From farms to homes, to land, they can provide professional, written appraisals.

  • Planning or settling an estate
  • Farm transition
  • Buying or selling property
  • Making a gift of land or other property for tax purposes
  • Incorporating or forming a partnership

In need of our appraisal services? Contact a regional appraiser directly to ask questions or make an appointment.

Northwest Arkansas
Phillip Hoskins - 479-466-5821 Richard Sobczak - 360-470-4342
River Valley Area
Chris Sossamon - 479-209-6224 Wilson Overbey (Residential Appraiser) - 479-979-5214
West Central Counties
Brian Cowart - 870-356-9135
Southwest Counties
Robert Harden - 870-703-1193​ Dustin Grammer - 903-293-6125


Through our affiliation with Farm Credit Leasing, we offer leases for machinery, structures, equipment, trucks and SUVs. Leasing is a great tax tool. Farm Credit Leasing's nationwide fleet buying power for trucks and SUVs often means that vehicles are available at, or below, dealer invoice.

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